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Catfights are a term that typically refers to women getting into fights, or in literal terms, actual fighting among cats. They are called catfights because a catfight usually involves scratching, slapping, or hair pulling.
Catfights also feature the female hiss as two women show dominance in enraged female combat battles.
Chick Fights, Girl Fights, Bitch Fights.
Men love Catfights because of the skimpy clothes, moaning, grunting, possibility of clothes being ripped off, or the remote idea that they will suddenly stop fighting and make out. Be forewarned, some of these are not cute sexy kitten fights. Catfights can get quite brutal, remember: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Some other names for Catfights are: chick fights, girl fights, and b*tch fights. Find Catfights and Catfighting Women!


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