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Catfights are a term that typically refers to women getting into fights, or in literal terms, actual fighting among cats. They are called catfights because a catfight usually involves scratching, slapping, or hair pulling.
Catfights also feature the female hiss as two women show dominance in enraged female combat battles.
Chick Fights, Girl Fights, Bitch Fights.
Men love Catfights because of the skimpy clothes, moaning, grunting, possibility of clothes being ripped off, or the remote idea that they will suddenly stop fighting and make out. Be forewarned, some of these are not cute sexy kitten fights. Catfights can get quite brutal, remember: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Some other names for Catfights are: chick fights, girl fights, and b*tch fights. Find Catfights and Catfighting Women!


Catfight-Videos, is a great place to find beautiful catfighting women in sexy catfights. Exotic female wrestling catfights are very captivating. Witness beautiful women in intense women on women action! Remember, “Who says good girls don’t like to fight?
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About the Talent:

From the mid 80's onward all participants have been interviewed and then hand picked to work with us, teaching them the art of ring knowledge, plus the proper application of both holds and throws. Our talent is a pool of beautiful and talented women, some both glamorous and powerfully built, who wrestle either as amateurs or professionals and have displayed their talents around the globe. Click here to for Profiles and Photos of ProWW's Women of Wrestling

About our Ring:

We own a very special ring, built for the great Mildred Burke in the 50's as her personal training ring. Many of our girls have been trained in this classic wrestling ring, amongst them Sue Sexton, Cheryl Day, Princess War Star and the late Monster Ripper. The girls featured in "All the Marbles" starring Peter Falk, were trained by Mildred in this very ring. This historic ring is available for private matches, custom videos and private training.

About the Matches:

ProWW.com high quality women wrestling videos offer a superior range of action which include both Professional and Pro-Am bouts from the 50's through the beginning of the new millennium. The great Japanese athletes are also featured, probably the best trained women grappler's in the World and all videos bear the same high quality and aggressive non-stop action. For descriptions of the video categories click here.

About Us

ProWW.com was founded for the benefit of displaying the many facets of wrestling women. These female athletes have given us Years of competitive excellent entertainment and we will strive to continue the promotion of these spectacular female competitors for Years to come.

About the Women of Wrestling:

See * Beautiful Women of Wrestling, Wrestlers Images and Profiles

See * Vintage Glamour Girls, Wrestlers Images and Profiles

See * Super Stars of Women's Wrestling, Wrestlers Images and Profiles 


Wrestlers Wanted:

Do you think you have what it takes? Is that burning desire to win a part of your inner self? E-Mail or just mail a full body photo, head shot and resume. Contact Us.

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